Saturday, September 19, 2015

Yun Kyun Sang 'Six Flying Dragons' (Moo Hyul 2nd Teaser Screencapture)

Back to His New drama 'Six Flying Dragons' 
Yun Kyun Sang as Moo Hyul
He will playing a role as Moo Hyul, Lee Bang Won (Yoo Ah In)'s Bodyguard.
He also one of the Six Flying Dragons
This is Special drama SBS 25th Anniversary
So here's His Second Teaser! A Pansori Teaser! Enjoy~

 The Plot: 
Six Flying Dragons depicts the ideological and political conflict between Prince Lee Bang-won (later known as King Taejong) and Jeong Do Jeon, the man instrumental in helping his father Lee Seong Gye (King Taejo) establish the fledgling Joseon nation. Jeong Do-jeon wants a country ruled by ministers, while Taejong wants absolute power. (cr. Wikipedia)

Can't Wait to see him on Sageuk Drama??
So Don't Miss it!
'Six Flying Dragons'
First Airing On 5th October
Every Monday-Tuesday 10PM KST

Credit. SBS 'Six Flying Dragons'
Please Take it with Full Credit!!

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