Monday, January 30, 2017


I'm so sorry for being inactive but truthfully, You should know that I'm always being active for Subbing Kyunsang's Video.
Not too long ago Kyun Sang-nim was on Variety show "3 Meals A Day" together with Lee Seok Jin and Eric Shinhwa. Together with the team I subbing the video. You can check @Fishingsubteam on Twitter or their blog and download the video using VIP server.
I just can't manage time to post it here bcs my work never let me to take a break 😧
Anyway, just staytune on my YT channel (4Dee501) bcs i can drop the Engsub video of Yun Kyun Sang's video when i have time!
(Yea, i know, i have a lot of homework of Kyunsang video, interview, etc. I'll work hard to comeback bringing all Kyunsang video with English sub😉. Please wait a little bit more. Thank You.)

Don't forget to keep support our Kyunsang's new drama "Rebel Hong Gil Dong" MBC Monday - Tuesday start from 30th January 2017.

-The only one admin here- 😙

Thursday, September 29, 2016

[160929 Article] Yun Kyun Sang "Romance rumor with Lee Sung Kyung? Two of us laughed for a while" [Pictorial]

Actor Yun Kyun Sang began to talk about the relationship with actress Lee Sung Kyung.
Woman's magazine 'Woman Sense' revealed an interview with Yun Kyun Sang that taking a break after finished his lastest drama 'Doctors'. His 'model look' tall and sharp looks reportedly in contrast to his friendly personality towards the reporter.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

[Engsub Video] Krystal f(x) feat. YUN KYUN SANG Etude House CF

Guys~ Sorry for not active in along time T.T
Do you have a great time watching Six Flying Dragons?
Me: YES! and I'm sad because it's already 42th episode

Anyways, I'm here to tell You a great news that our Yun Kyun Sang become Etude House's model along with f(x) Krystal. Etude House made it as short beauty drama '썸DAY' for now 4 episode has been revealed.

English subtitle is out! Just For You^^

So, You  can watch it here:


Sunday, October 11, 2015

[151011] Yun Kyun Sang Kenneth Cole Fansign (Feat. Jung Ryeo Won)

Hohoho.. I'm Coming to Give you all a great Photos~
From Kyun Sang 'Kenneth Cole' Fansign

Here We go first with a GREAT capture from our LISIANTHUS FANCAFE's Video
If you want it, don't hesitate to Join our Cafe~
(Credit: Lisianthus Fancafe, "Video Capture")
You're Foreigners? it's doesn't matter
You can join~ I've post the tutorials just join^^ *just like me~ haha...*
(NB: psssstttt there's a lot more from medias below... but There's alooooooooooooooot of his photos on LISIANTHUS FANCAFE)